• Startup Companies

  • Cleaning services company focused on construction job site and commercial janitorial cleaning
  • SafeFlights is the seamless binary solution for a supply chain of trust in aerospace and defense.
  •   1spire
    1spire is the developer of Bitmado, a shuffling wallpaper engine for Android devices.
  • 27 Battles is a sales and marketing firm based in Houston, TX that represents multi-billion dollar telecommunication companies!
  • Vertical SaaS. Integrated analytics & operational intelligence for commodity value chains. Designed for the next generation.
  •   2nd.MD
    Video consults with medical experts - better outcomes, saves $, delights clients.
  • 7 Hills Pharma LLC is an immuno-oncology company developing drugs drug resistant cancers. 7 Hills is developing cost-effective technologies that modulate the immune system to increase the effectiveness of immune checkpoint blockade, adoptive cell the…
  • A Creative Bunch is a business strategy design firm that assists companies who provide luxury products and services in creating a balanced growth plan that ties marketing, sales and operations together.
  • Abyss Solutions is an autonomous asset assessment and monitoring company, specializing in underwater infrastructure. Abyss Solutions combines the latest innovations in remotely operated underwater vehicles (ROVs) with state of the art data analytics…
  • Online, comprehensive, and hands-on #STEM curriculum for PreK-12 that puts teacher support at its center. Developed by Rice University & Accelerate Learning.
  • Cloud-based Accounting Software and BPO.
  • With Invoicing, Time and Expense Tracking, Project Management, Accounting, CRM (Customer Relationship Management), and Tax Preparation, you can run your entire business from Accurants.