AeroMINE sells a motionless wind turbine created for the building environment. AeroMINE 5000 installs like solar panels, but harnesses wind energy. Unlike most wind turbines, AeroMINE 5000 can be installed on rooftops or in urban environments. AeroMINE 5000 provides low-cost, locally produced energy to buildings.

AeroMINE is an aerodynamic concept based on fundamental components. Airfoils facing the wind produce a low pressure spot. The airfoils are hollow and perforated, transferring the pressure to the internal of the AeroMINE. The low pressure is connected via a manifold to a generator module. The generator module consists of a 36-inch propeller and an AC generator. As air is pulled by the pressure through the air intake, past the propeller, the generator makes AC power. The power is delivered via a small power and control box on the side of the AeroMINE.

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