Abyss Solutions

Abyss Solutions is an autonomous asset assessment and monitoring company, specializing in underwater infrastructure. Abyss Solutions combines the latest innovations in remotely operated underwater vehicles (ROVs) with state of the art data analytics to provide a safer, easier and more comprehensive underwater inspection, allowing for correct asset management decisions. Their current products, Abyss Fabric, the Abyss Lantern Eye S camera, Abyss Inshore, and Abyss Extract, help customers monitor and assess hard-to-access infrastructure.

Abyss Fabric revolutionizes offshore asset integrity management through innovations in artificial intelligence (AI), computer vision and robotics. The Abyss proprietary Lantern Eye S camera system provides sub-mm accurate, contactless measurements of subsea assets and produces accurately detailed 3D models. Abyss Inshore is an innovative proprietary data capture technology making inaccessible assets accessible by venturing into the smallest of spaces for thorough and accurate condition monitoring of inshore assets such as dams, bridges, and tunnels. Abyss Extract is an AI powered software that mines terabytes of CCTV video footage and tags high risk areas in a comprehensive and automated manner.

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